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WAFMA Membership


The WAFMA will support its members by:


  • Facilitating supportive links between WA farmers markets and the WAFMA

  • Ensuring best practice by supporting farmers markets to align with the AFMA Charter and definitions.

  • Providing technical guidance and resources when available, to farmers markets.

  • Facilitating WAFMA network meetings, committee meetings and annual general meetings.

  • Facilitating access to WAFMA correspondence as annual general meeting minutes and WAFMA committee meeting minutes via the secure on line member portal.


Member Rights:


  • The member entity can nominate a representative from their farmers’ market committee to the WAFMA committee via annual general meeting procedure.

  • The member entity representative/s is eligible to attend annual WAFMA member network meetings.


Member Responsibilities:


  • The member of the WAFMA must support the AFMA Charter in principal and predominately in practice.

  • The member of the WAFMA is the operating farmers market entity i.e. Margaret River Farmers Market Inc.

  • The member of the WAFMA can be a related non farmers market entity that supports the work of the WAFMA and AFMA

  • Membership is valid only where the annual membership fee is paid.



The WAFMA membership fees paid will support the Association to:


  • Host committee teleconferencing WA wide.

  • Cover annual web domain and maintenance charges.

  • Host Association face to face Network meetings for all WA farmers’ market members.


Annual Fee per Farmers Market.

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