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This statement is designed to articulate the status of existing WA markets that are called ‘farmers markets’ and are listed on the AFMA website.


WAFMA recognises that some individual farmers’ markets in WA demonstrate and practice varying divergence from the Australian Farmers’ Markets Association (AFMA) Charter.


The AFMA Charter and its associated definitions are designed to establish a best practice benchmark as a guiding tool for existing and emerging farmers’ markets aspiring to become authentic farmers’ markets.


Prior to this resource there were numerous and well established markets calling themselves farmers’ markets that had limited guidelines by which to operate. They chose to trade as they saw fit usually as a reflection of the nuances of their local communities. The majority of these were trading predominantly fresh local produce or value added food items.


WAFMA and AFMA’s aim is to encourage and support these farmers’ markets to aspire to a true authenticity, as it is well evidenced that a well-managed authentic farmers market place can bring about optimum results for primary producers, consumers and their community.


WAFMA recognises AFMA as the national peak organisation and an umbrella body for the state organisations. However AFMA and WAFMA  do not have ultimate control over how farmers’ markets choose to operate. In this instance and without a universal accreditation process WAFMA and AFMA can only make recommendations. (I.e. charter and definitions)


Some existing Australian based accreditation systems do not necessarily eliminate handcrafted products but do place conditions on the origin and nature of the product.


In the process of its formation and incorporation the WAFMA Committee agreed to state in its Objectives of the Association “To support the Australian Farmers’ Markets Association”.


WAFMA aims to meet its stated objectives and exists to encourage, support and educate WA farmers’ markets to aspire to the AFMA Charter.



The AFMA has developed Model Rules to assist farmers’ market operators toward transition or with initial establishment of farmers’ markets. The Model Rules are intended to alleviate some of the issues facing farmers’ market development.


On this basis WAFMA invites the continued support and collaboration of all existing farmers’ markets.  The WAFMA is a young Association and it is imperative that it involves and retains passionate people who aspire to support farmers’ market viability, integrity and sustainability.


WAFMA recognises that some farmers’ markets may not strictly align with the WAFMA Objectives or AFMA Charter. WAFMA is however committed to working with existing and developmental markets to achieve best practice outcomes and future viability for its many farmers markets.


Should any WAFMA affiliated or new start farmers’ market wish to address a closer alliance with the AFMA Charter and Model Rules, representatives of WAFMA and/or AFMA are available to discuss these matters and provide further support.



June 2016


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