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Find below valuable resources to help you with your Farmers Market

The WA State government is introducing mandatory vaccinations for various occupations. Please see below a link to the WA government information regarding outdoor/indoor food markets - They are classified as Level 2. 

Our national body AFMA has also updated their overarching recommendations for Farmers' Markets. Please see the link below to download the updated "Fact Sheet".

WAFMA COVID-19 Update for indoor outdoor food markets - October 29 2021



Want to set up a Farmers Market in your area? This is a resource for Local Government to help assess and support applications form farmers market entities to establish authentic Farmers Markets.

Farmers Markets as a Strategy to Improve Access to Healthy Food for Low-Income Families
and Communities
on Council Land
The social impact
of the SAGE
Farmers Market
Understanding the characteristics of Australian farmers markets

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Liquor Control Regulations 

From the 11th January 2017 there have been changes to the Liquor Control Regulations 1989 that all WA Farmers Market managers need to be aware of.

Up until now the following requirement has applied:


Where liquor producers have an association or representative body that hosts a cooperative stall at a local farmers market in an agricultural region, liquor may be sold (provided it is no more than 2.5 litres) or provided by way of free sample. Orders for larger quantities can be taken, to be supplied at a later date.


It has now been amended to:


The existing exemption for Producers to sell their liquor at farmers’ markets has been expanded. The exemption now applies to farmers’ markets held anywhere in WA, a maximum of 9 litres per customer can be sold and the stall can be operated by individual producers (not just associations). Refer to page 4 of the website.

Visit the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Active by design national website that features creating liveable spaces including ‘Healthy Food’
Selling produce at
farmers markets
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

This important Food Safety Guide was produced by AFMA in collaboration with Food Safety Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). It has been prepared especially for farmers' market stallholders and market managers to assist in their duty of care to ensure focus on food safety and food safe markets. This is the first time there had been a specific safe food resource (38 pages) for the farmers' market sector. 

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